Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coffee vs. Tea: The Smack(ing Lips)-Down

I've always liked both tea and coffee. I'm more likely to order tea with dinner and coffee after dinner as a treat. I like either beverage equally hot or iced. I don't care for either paired with alcohol (think Firefly).
As part of my drink-more-water campaign, I've been experimenting with tea. Don't get me wrong -- I still love my Dunkin and my Folger's decaf.
I just decided to pick up a couple varieties of tea and see what I liked or didn't like about it.
As it turns out, I'm leaning toward tea these days.

As a huge type-A personality, a "pros" list for each option is a must (pros are strictly my personal opinions):

Pros of tea                                         Pros of coffee
Lighter feel                                    Bigger caffeine boost
More refreshing                                  More filling
More thirst-quenching                               Sweeter
Energizing                                       Sleep-inducing
Fresher breath                                  More flavorful
Healthier additives (e.g. natural honey)       More additive options
Great on the porch on a fall day!               Great on the porch on a fall day!

I find that I'm more likely to make 2-3 cups of tea per day, whereas I drink a maximum of 2 cups of coffee per day (one with caffeine in the morning, sometimes one decaf in the evening). I just feel lighter and more refreshed drinking tea, and I don't feel guilty making multiple cups per day because I'm adding natural sweeteners to it.

I've found that I don't necessarily need a jolt of caffeine in my day. Since I eliminated soda from my diet, coffee and tea are the only sources of caffeine I consume, neither of which I need if I (a) get adequate sleep and (b) get a good cardio workout in.

I'm not looking to stick solely to one beverage or another; I'm just kind of weighing the pros of each on the blogosphere. I'd love your input, whether you are strictly a coffee-drinker, only a tea-drinker, whether you don't have a preference, or whether you drink something else entirely!

Overall, my goal has been to drink more water, and that is exactly what I have accomplished. Truth be told, since both tea and coffee are made from water, neither beverage has much effect on my daily H2O consumption -- I just like them :)

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