Friday, October 5, 2012

Sweet Relief

Well, I'm not in the clear just yet. The nurse drew four vials of blood this morning, which definitely made me a little woozy. Ian said, Don't be a weiner! in response to my text-messaged pictures of a bandaged arm and a cotton-ball-and-Band-Aid-covered hand. Hey, I bruise like a peach and needles and I don't get along! I'll spare you the visual aids I sent Ian...
I'm feeling relieved after my appointment, though. My doctor is awesome. When she didn't immediately report that I was dying, I already started to feel better. She normalized all of my concerns and discussed all possible reasons behind the near-constant hunger I've been experiencing:
Due to my BC containing a dose of iron, I may have developed anemia when I switched from the brand-name to the generic product.
I won't delve into "lady business" issues any more than I already have, but it may be a contributing factor to anemia.
Eating five small meals a day as opposed to three larger ones should be helping, but it doesn't explain my need for snacks or the feelings (i.e. spotty vision, weakness, lightheadedness, wooziness) associated with low blood sugar.
My healthy "diet" should be benefiting me as well, but only time and my lab results will tell the tale.
I have never been officially diagnosed with hypoglycemia, but the answer could be as simple as that.
Running 2-4 miles per day has upped my metabolism, which could simply mean that even as much as I'm eating, I'm losing weight -- which means I'm still not eating enough. Hooray for weight-loss and an excuse to eat!
My bloodwork is expected back from the lab by the middle of next week, so I should have some answers to go with my questions! I'm just sure you're on pins and needles to know what's up, so I'll be sure to share ;) 
In the meantime, I have two very purple bruises that make me look a bit like a needle-sharing addict... Here's to hoping people's assumptions are kind!
P.S. What are you up to this weekend? My parents and Ian and I have a low-key weekend planned, and I'm really looking forward to a little R&R.

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