Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wanna Know What Scares Me?

This morning, I met with the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who will be overseeing my Practicum experience as I earn 100 hours next semester toward my M.Ed. That right there scares the living shit out of me. I will be counseling people. Me!!

I felt so good about my interview afterward that I treated myself to a Chicken Strips Salad, waffle fries, a fruit cup, and a Diet Lemonade at Chick-Fil-A. And I'm not even going to apologize for it.
I also may or may not have taken up a pump at Sheetz for 25 minutes talking to Ian and my parents... oops.

Wanna know what else scares me?

Walking in heels. I just know that one day, I'm going to take the trip of a lifetime and break myself. Oh, wait... So that's what these babies are for:
I have an impressive array of flats, kitten heels, dressy sandals, and other low-to-the-ground professional footwear.

Interviews. I start babbling when I'm nervous and I end up revealing uselessly personal things about myself that the interviewer is probably mentally recording for my VIP Nut House pass.

Finding new places. I was a ball of nerves yesterday, so my Garmin (Jillian) and I took a little road trip to the site of the interview. It took me just over 10 minutes to find and it was super easy to locate, even after a few wrong turns (okay, I might've ignored Jillian's instructions in my overzealous haste).

Bad breath. I was chewing a piece of Dentyne in the car on the way to the interview, and I completely forgot to spit it out before I spoke with the receptionist. I'm sure she heard the *gulp* as it went down the hatch moments before my interviewer greeted me.

Being late. There is very little that stresses me out more than being late somewhere. Especially to an interview or another professional event. I was asked to meet my interviewer at 12, but I hopped in my car with my planner, post-interview shoes, and resume at 11:20. Normally, I'm a mild-to-moderate Road Rager, but this morning I was hoping for red lights and delays. I ended up sitting in the parking lot of the site, repeatedly applying lip gloss and pretending to locate things in my suitcase-sized purse. Finally I decided that 11:46 wasn't too early to head inside.

Feeling unprepared. Having been through a number of interviews, I know that most interviewers want to know about you as opposed to what you know about them. Nevertheless, I would have been mortified if I'd been asked what I knew about the institution and I'd just sat there with my mouth open. I'm one of those people who shamelessly rehearses things like presentations aloud to feel more at ease. Sometimes I even read heinously boring textbook chapters with a British accent to keep myself from falling asleep. Too much...?

Well, now that you know way too much about me, what's one thing that scares you?

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Lauren Gabor said...

Spiders... And disappointment.