Monday, September 10, 2012

UG Dining Hall Challenge

I swear, I will turn anything into a challenge. My latest? Eat well while eating like an undergrad for the weekend.

This weekend, I spent time with my sister and her friends at their college. Thus, it was back to dining hall meals. The dining hall isn't the worst thing ever... but I still shudder when I think of how many of my undergraduate meals consisted of bagels slathered with cream cheese, Reese's Puffs, the worst pizza that ever existed, and "salads" I barely touched that were disguised under hearty helpings of bleu cheese. Last year, when Ian was still at Hampden-Sydney, I used to enjoy challenging myself to experiment with wholesome, healthy food options in his dining hall. Granted, we usually counteracted such meals with trips to BWW or a Farmville favorite, Macado's, but I was still proud of myself for electing to eat egg white omelettes, fresh blueberries and strawberries, and raisin-sprinkled granola with skim. It's all about balance ;)

For breakfast on Saturday morning, I sampled scrambled eggs, a slice of real bacon (yum!), low-fat blueberry yogurt with granola, a cup (or two) of whipped coffee, a smattering of 'tater tots, and a much-needed bowl of Kashi Go Lean! Crunch. The breakfast of champions. Well... the breakfast of people trying to avoid a trip to Starbuck's and/or the beautifully displayed doughnuts and desserts.

Sunday morning looked much the same: a scoop of scrambled eggs, a bowl of low-fat vanilla yogurt with pineapple chunks and granola, a couple small seasoned potato cakes, a cup of whipped coffee and a cup of premade coffee with milk, and a bowl of Go Lean! Crunch mixed with Honey Nut Cheerios. I must say, I've been pretty impressed with the school's dining hall options. I left around 2:00 yesterday, but steaks and hot fudge sundaes were on the dinner menu!

Normally, I'm perfectly happy being that girl who snaps photos of her meals in public. I thought I'd avoid embarrassing Caroline and her sorority sisters, particularly as a 23-year-old trying to blend in with UGs... Overall, I felt pretty good about my dining hall choices. My weekend diet definitely could have contained more vegetables. I also simultaneously celebrated and lamented the fact that not once did we order pizza. My mouth waters just thinking about thin-crust cheesy pizza with pineapple and onions... But, my sister and I snacked on Vitamin Water and 100-calorie packets of almonds instead.

As I know from my lack of personal experience, eating well while relying on the dining hall can be done, it just requires effort, creativity, and openness. It's all about that balance.

I hope your weekend was excellent! I'm counting down the days until Friday!

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