Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unexpected Inspiration

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may or may not have seen my tweet, questioning whether watching Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 6 for hours should be a publicly admitted statement:
Well, as I was indulging in my guilty pleasure Monday evening, I was nutritionally inspired. That seems as though it should be an oxymoron, but it's true.
Jay Johnson, the cheerleaders' nutrition "expert" -- forgive me as I use that term loosely -- analyzes their "diets" during each season of the show. (I don't watch religiously, but I tune into an episode now and again.)
Jay always critiques the girls most harshly who think they're doing their bodies good but are actually potentially causing them harm. Obviously, the cheerleaders who select cinnamon buns and Apple Jacks for two meals a day are granted a well-deserved eye roll and a WTF from Jay. It's the girls who fall into the "health halo" of working out 3-4 hours a day and subsequently eating 3-4 times the amount of carbs necessary to fuel their bodies who receive the harshest reviews. It's also the girls who don't have a clue and are thus stuffing their (very trim) pie holes with random "healthy" foods that give Jay the most trouble.
Jay strongly encouraged the girls to consume all or the vast majority of their carbs before 3 p.m. I've been gradually decreasing my carb intake anyway, but I was excited to hear a coinciding opinion. Upon closer investigation, as well as consultation with some of my more nutrition-savvy friends, I found that a lot of foodies and fitnessistas abide by said sage advice. He also suggested a high-protein breakfast, such as salmon accompanied by blueberries, oatmeal, and milk. I never was one of those people who could down a lox bagel in the a.m., but I'm giving my breakfast an intensive review. Lastly, one of Jay's resounding comments was water, water water! Not just for hydration's sake, but because water is nature's cleanser and detoxifier.
Since I invested in a Brita, I've been drinking more water on a daily basis than I drank during some weeks this summer. Embarrassing, but true. All told, I'm always happy when my personal decisions are backed by someone with more expertise. Please believe: I'm not putting total stock in everything this meathead spouts off. Rather, I'm doing my research and time-testing personal experiments to see what works best for me.
P.S. How much stock do you put into diets or recommendations that celebrity fitness "experts" endorse? How much research do you conduct before you shake things up?
P.P.S. Any recommendations on how to get enthused about salmon before noon...?

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