Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quin-whoa! Stuffed Peppers

A couple days ago, The Boy texted me asking whether quinoa-stuffed peppers were something I'd be interested in. He said he'd had a random craving for awhile and wanted to know whether I'd be willing to make/eat them when he visited this weekend. No matter the idea, I always get excited about cooking with Ian when he proposes a new idea. I can't say this was one of our healthier meals made together, but a lot of fresh veggies went into the process.
I wish I had pictures of every step of the process -- much to your delight, I'm sure -- but we were in a bit of a hurry because he was heading back to Richmond right after dinner. We kind of needed to just get on with the show, even though I would have loved to post the results of the new food processor my mom got me!
We're also not especially great about following recipes... For example, we missed the part about the peppers needing to bake for an hour after we stuffed them. We also began chopping, dicing, mincing, and slicing before we read the complete instructions, which resulted in a bit of panic and a few corners cut. You live and you learn, right?
Happy Sunday, blends.
P.S. He found the recipe via Vegetarian Times if you're interested! Even though I'm not a vegetarian anymore, I still buy foods and work from recipes that are almost strictly lacto-ovo-pescetarian because it's what I know. Working on expanding my horizons!

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