Sunday, September 30, 2012

(Somewhat) Full-Disclosure Sunday

Whew! The past few days have been a whirlwind! Life is definitely different this semester with three classes right in a row -- bam, bam, bam. Having Thursday through Sunday available has made life... interesting. Well, let's see...
Thursday, I headed to RIC around lunchtime to spend some QT with Mom. Dad was at a series of meetings at my alma mater, Longwood University. Mom and I got to pal around, make a healthy dinner together, sit outside and enjoy the wannabe-fall temps, and watch too much television -- starting with a new episode of The Office and ending with a few old Twilight Zone episodes, maybe including Parks and Rec in between. My mom isn't much of a TV-watcher; she often says that if there wasn't a TV in the house, she wouldn't notice. Still, it was great to bum around the house just us girls. She even let me test out her new Sleep Number!
Friday was Ian's M1-D1 semi-formal (i.e. the first-year med school nerds and the first-year dental students mixin' it up at the beautiful, newly renovated historic Hotel John Marshall). He picked me up after lunch at the Casa de Lew, and we hung around his apartment for a few hours before trying out a new recipe: whole-wheat thin spaghetti with fresh minced garlic and Prego Light Smart plus sauteed squash and zucchini with a splash of soy. Then it was time to play dress-up! Hey, I like an occasional excuse to put on something fancy and attend a swanky event on my man's arm ;) However... between the "pre-game" Ian's good friend hosted and the three drinks included with the cost of each ticket, I was feeling, shall we say, not myself when we finally hopped in a cab. A great time was had by all! ...until Saturday morning.
Give me a cold any day. Throw me allergies or a sinus infection. You know what, I'll even take bronchitis again. But don't expect me to function when I'm hungover. Every time this happens, I tell Ian, "I'm almost 24 years old! Shouldn't I know my limit by now?!"
His response?
"You like to have a good time!"
That I do. But I still wanted to enjoy the University of Richmond tailgate and football game we were planning to attend yesterday afternoon. My dad is an alum and a brother of Phi Kappa Sigma, and he and his frat bros all have season tickets. My sister has been to several tailgates before, but I hadn't seen my dad's brothers in ages. I needed to make a good impression, but I also desperately wanted to feel better. Luckily for me (and my poor sense of good judgment), Ian is a fantastic boyfriend who really looks out for me. He bought Chobani for me, cooked me some incredible scrambled eggs, sliced up fresh fruit, and even packed up my stuff for me as I moaned and groaned about feeling sick. Somehow, we got out the door on time.
I guess the boy has magical powers--or magical fruit--because somewhere between Miseryville and some pear slices, I felt almost like myself again.
The tailgate food was to die for, and the game was really exciting! Bear in mind, this is coming from a girl who doesn't have a clue what "first and ten" means, and who frankly doesn't care a bit about football. I guess live football is okay, and the rivalry between ODU and UR inspired a ton of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the Monarchs defeated the Spiders 45-37.
Afterward, the fam and Ian and I headed to The Tavern for a late dinner. Since I began eating meat in January, I think I've had steak twice. Three times now, as The Tavern's steak fajitas were ahh-may-zingg. Of course, there was an obligatory Sweet Frog trip to follow, and the night concluded with the hilarity of Mel Brooks's Blazing Saddles. A first for me...
My weekend wrapped up with church this morning, a lazy lunch, and good-byes all around as Ian and Caroline headed back to their respective schools. Not having class until 4:30 on Mondays means one more night at home :) I'm off to enjoy the late afternoon sun in the swing with Mom. Ta ta!
P.S. What did you get into this weekend? Anything super exciting??
P.P.S. I swear I think about taking pictures for the blog -- I'm just bad about actually doing it!

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