Saturday, February 11, 2012

Splendid Saturday

A more unexpectedly perfect Saturday there never was.
Ian and I slept in. Like, 11:30 slept in. It was fantastic.
We hit the gym. I had to vie for a treadmill with a TV, but it was well worth it. My 5K training called for a 25-minute run. I completed a PDR today: 2.04 miles in 25 minutes! I always walk a quick 2-minute warm-up, and a slowed 3-minute cool-down, totaling 30 minutes and 2.30 miles. I was sweaty, smelly, and grinning from ear to ear as we left the gym. The cherry on top was Ian saying, "You looked great running today!"
I enjoyed some Kashi GoLean with Truvia for a very late breakfast. Seriously, I cannot get enough.
Longwood Convocation 2010 -- the only picture I have of such an creepy elated smile...
There wasn't much on the agenda this afternoon except straightening up, getting cleaned up, and meeting Ian's parents for an early dinner at Cracker Barrel (my favorite "good old fashioned cookin'" restaurant). I ordered one of my favorites, the Veggie Plate. I chose Whole Kernel Corn, Baked Apples, Country Green Beans, and (my CB guilty pleasure) Hashbrown Casserole. I helped myself to a delicious biscuit with grape jam, and sweet tea with lemon.
The restaurant, along with many others in the area, was suffering from a water main break last night. The employees were having to boil the tea, purchase gargantuan bags of ice, serve water from bottles, and deny customers coffee and soda. Ian, of course, interrogated the waitress after a nosy man behind us asked how come we had water and he couldn't have any. No worries, bro.
We had been craving Sweet Frog all day, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to eat froyo at seemingly subzero temperatures. There was snow everywhere in the state except for here, I'm convinced. So we headed to Kroger for less expensive froyo to take home and enjoy at our leisure. Since we couldn't agree on a flavor--we almost never do--we each got our own personal size. I was proud of my fat-free tri-flavor sherbet, and my purchase of sugar-free Jell-O for future dessert cravings.
I love stocking Jell-O; most flavors are either 10 or even 0 calories, and most are available sugar-free. All are available tasty and cheap! These were on sale for 40 cents apiece. I'm officially a bargain shopper, ladies and gents.

On tonight's agenda is watching V for Vendetta, which Ian claims I'll love... hmmm. He claimed I'd love Contagion last night. Not a fan. I also plan to kick back, relax, enjoy some of my sherbet, and bask in the glory of my PDR.
I hope you and yours enjoy your Saturday! Ta ta!

P.S. What is your PDR? Toward what goal are you working now? I'm working toward completing an official 5K without walk breaks!

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