Monday, February 27, 2012


I was feeling pretty bummed this morning, because the thought of hauling myself to the gym for a run, or even a jaunt on the elliptical, or even weight training, made me want to cough/sneeze/laugh. It wasn't happening. I got virtually no sleep because I couldn't breathe, I woke up with a toothache that couldn't be relieved by flossing and kept me awake for over an hour, and I feel sure that someone coated the inside of my throat with sandpaper when I wasn't looking. I know I'm being a huge baby about whatever this is, but it has flat-out knocked me for a loop.
I was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning, Healthy Tipping Point, well past the time I've usually left for the gym, and today's post from Caitlin was all about making walking a habit. I remembered that I had just downloaded the MapMyFitness+ app on my phone, so I thought I'd slide on my sneakers, throw on my North Face, and go for a little stroll to try it out. I also donned this little cutie, to add that "I have a hat on, so you can assume I'm exercising outdoors" cool-factor (ha!):
Ian got this for me for Christmas, at my insistence that I needed it...
At the very least, I knew I'd be outside in the cold air (which always helps clear my head), I could sneeze and cough as need be without having gym-goers staring daggers at me, and I could always turn around if I just wasn't feeling it.

Basically... The app is the coolest thing ever!!
I ended up walking about 1.1 miles in 21 minutes around almost the enirety of my apartment complex, once I figured out how to get the app working properly -- I'm not a tech-savvy chick. It logged my exact route, down to obscure street names and complex building numbers using my phone's GPS, as well as the elevation of my route; my average pace; my average speed; the calories I burned; and the number of laps I completed on the route I devised. It also allows me to store all of this data, or share it to "challenge" others via Facebook and Twitter. How cool is all of that?!
The cold outside helped clear my head for a bit, though it also made my nose run like a faucet. I also got some strange looks from passersby. If I had to guess, they were wondering if I had a weapon or a small child stashed in my pockets, between my iPod, my cell phone, my bulky keys, and sometimes my hands stuffed in there. Hey, I got out there, and I did the darn thing. Now, I don't feel as if I wasted an opportunity for exercise, nor do I feel like I overexerted myself. I can allow my body to heal, while also giving it a little push to keep moving.

I hope you enjoy your Monday, blends!

P.S. The under-a-week Mexico countdown has officially begun! T-minus 6!

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