Friday, February 10, 2012

Love is in the Share

Okay, can I first just say, How the hell have I never tried Nutella before this week?!
Okay, I bought Kroger brand instead because I wasn't sure if I'd like it, and because it had fewer calories and lower fat content per serving, but that's irrelevant. It's. Ah-may-zing!
I've put it in my oats (of course, with almond slices and flax seeds), I've dipped pear slices in it, I've slathered bananas with it... Next, I'll be eating bowlfuls of it! Well... Hopefully it won't get to that extent.

I also may or may not have developed an obsession with any and all Kashi cereals. I've only experimented with a few kinds, but Honey Puffs, Indigo Morning, and GoLean Original are in it to win it. With fresh berries and a sprinkle of Truvia, they're an absolutely perfect breakfast. They keep me full for hours after my runs.
GOLEAN Cereal, Original thumbnail Kashi 7 Whole Grain Cereals, Honey Puffs thumbnail Kashi 7 Whole Grain Cereals, Indigo Morning thumbnail
Besides campaigning for Kashi as our next President, on today's agenda is V-Day. Yeah, I'm aware that today's February 10. Ian and I won't be able to spend Valentine's Day together because it's a weekday, and we're both very busy. We don't care that it's a stupid holiday marked by naked winged babies, literally tons of needless calories, and roses out the ass. We love this holiday, we love an excuse to be extravagant, and we love each other :)
This is a horrendous picture of me, but I had to post it. We look like the Polo Twins.
For our first V-Day together, we'd barely been dating 3 months. Ian had to travel to an ad agency in Richmond to conduct an interview, and while he was there, he picked up a raw version of my favorite pizza from my favorite joint: Bottom's Up white pizza with caramelized onions. He stored it in the fridge in his dorm common room, and then snuck it over on Valentine's Day, baked it in the oven at my apartment, and decorated the living room with roses and chocolates--all while he kept me locked in my room and my roommates shoved in theirs, I might add. He even got someone who was 21 to purchase my favorite cheap-o wine. I was blown away!
Last year, he bought me the "I Am Loved" diamond necklace and chocolate special Helzberg was advertising. Yes, at this point, I'm officially bragging. Sorry I'm not sorry.
This year, as I've already mentioned, he bought us tickets to see The Lion King on Broadway in Richmond, plus dinner of my choice. Which brings me to tonight. Since next weekend is chock-full of activities and neither weekend is any closer than the other to actual V-Day, we're celebrating tonight.

We had every intention of dining at Jade Palace, the delicious and adorable Chinese restaurant within walking distance of my apartment. However, our plans changed when Jimmy, Ian's dad, mailed him a $25 gift card to my Eden, O.G. With their 3-course dinner promotion for $12.95 plus that money-saver, we couldn't pass up heaven (even though I just had it a week ago...).
What I'm really excited about is that he thinks we've agreed not to exchange gifts this year "because money is tight." I'm like, what do you call a Broadway production plus dinner??
I've spent weeks meticulously cutting out various letters from magazines to create these puppies:
They're homemade coupons -- you know, "One dude flick of your choice" and "One dinner of your choice on me." Inexpensive and personal. I made six total. They, along with one of those ginormous Hershey Kisses, a kid's tray of Kung Fu Panda chocolates (because he was Kung Fu Panda for Halloween a week after I met him), and a sappy Mickey Mouse card are arranged subtly on my kitchen table.
Truthfully, he probably won't notice right away, especially because he's not expecting anything. I even confirmed with him via text last night that not giving gifts is 100% acceptable this year ;) I'm giving myself the cool vote for being so sly.

At the risk of his discovering this post before he arrives this afternoon, I'll be posting it after all of this has already happened. You can be just as surprised as he was! Ta ta!

P.S. Do you and your one-and-only have any special V-Day traditions? I'd love to hear about 'em! Plus, I'm always on the prowl for ideas for next year!

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