Monday, February 20, 2012

It's a Snow-Go

I can't deny that I'm still in awe of the snow. I truly didn't expect to see any white this winter. And I was finally beginning to be okay with it. Until...
 The first picture was taken shortly before 5:00 p.m., after I returned from the gym...
...and the second, not 20 minutes later. The difference is huge!
Good thing I had warm gloves for my jaunt to the gym:
Ian's mom bought these for me for Christmas so I could enjoy listening to my iPod while exercising in cold weather. They'll be perfect for snowboarding, if I ever get a chance to hit the slopes.
I was pretty damn proud of myself yesterday afternoon for (1) resisting the urge to drive to the gym -- and risk losing the front-row spot I had backed into with the wiper blades propped up, (2) enjoying a beautiful walk in the wintry weather, and (3) completing a PDR (personal distance record) of 2.35 miles in 30 minutes! That added up to 2.6 miles total, with a 2-minute warmup and a 3-minute cool-down. After getting a great workout in, I was able to enjoy my sushi and the steadily falling snow.
These were taken around 8:00 p.m. with about 5". It always amazes me how bright the sky is during a snowstorm because of the low clouds and the light reflection. Majestic.
The 11:00 p.m. ones didn't turn out so well, but you can see the accumulation and how even people's footprints were filled in! About 7" at that point, with 4 more hours of snow predicted.
These are of 9:00 this morning. I must have slept like a rock, because the plows came through and made my day! When did I become such an adult and not care whether classes were cancelled (for safety reasons)?!
The school opened at 10:00 this morning. Being that I don't have class until 4:30, my schedule wasn't affected. Though it does mean that even if I'm able to dig my car out and make it to campus, things will be frozen back over by the time I return at 7:15. I'm not much of a Nervous Nelly -- unless I'm by myself, my car isn't cooperating, and I have zero control over the situation. Those 3 ingredients are a recipe for an anxiety disaster in my book.
Well, no sense in sitting inside worrying today. Off to the gym! Time to don my warmest gear and go dig out the snow heap that is my little car. Enjoy your snow day or your delayed schedule, whichever the case may be :)
P.S. What's your favorite snow day activity? Mine is taking a walk as the snow is falling, and then making snow cream -- Dad's special recipe! And of course, there's the requisite snowman...

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